What is the Youth Development Practitioner Apprenticeship?

Looking to recruit, train, and upskill new or existing employees in youth-serving roles? FHI 360’s and NIWL’s innovative Youth Development Practitioner Apprenticeship (YDPA) equips apprentices with essential job readiness skills and empowers them to become effective practitioners in the field.

Apprenticeship is a proven method for cultivating a stable and highly qualified workforce. By creating a credentialed, alternative pathway to enter the field, employers can see an increase in the quality and size of their applicant pool, as well as an increase in retention. Not only does the YDPA showcase an organization’s commitment to social good, but it also creates a more committed and productive workforce.

By investing in apprenticeships, employers demonstrate their dedication to equity, access, and professional development, all while building a pipeline of talented professionals passionate about serving young people.

Mutual Commitment

FHI 360 serves as the supporting partner for the YDPA. We work with employers to ensure a positive experience for both the apprentice and the employer.

YDPA’s mission to improve equity, access, and professional development for entry-level youth development practitioners requires a mutual commitment from FHI 360 and YDPA employer partners. We provide training, resources, and ongoing support, while employers recruit and supervise apprentices. By working together, we can create a more diverse and skilled workforce, leading to better outcomes for young people in the United States.

The Apprenticeship Commitment

Apprentices commit to 2,000 hours* of on-the-job learning, along with 165 hours of related coursework.

*Existing employees may receive a signed endorsement verifying previous on-the-job learning hours.

What apprentices learn: The 165 hours of related training are across nine distinctive modules.
1. Positive Youth Development Principles & Relationships
2. Coaching, Planning & Support
3. Group Facilitation
4. Career Pathways
5. Career Case Management
6. Leveraging Technology
7. Understanding How Youth Organizations Work
8. Professional Development
9. Self-Care  

To learn more about becoming an employer that sponsors an apprentice in your organization and to learn about associated costs, schedule a conversation with a NIWL apprenticeship specialist by emailing apprenticeship@fhi360.org

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